I Wonder What’s Next in Life

My Life is all about miracles. It is all about superstition’s experiences.

Things go all the way different from what I want, but go all the way, in the end, gave me most joyful feeling and moment in life.

I used to dream to be a doctor. Don’t show me health or kinda ‘doctor-related’ books because I will take it immediately and put into my room of book (well I have lots of science books). I want to contribute myself in people’s life so I won’t leave world without regret… but I failed to achieve study in health cause of reason that I don’t even think it was possible. Then, path of life changed.

In the middle of chaos of life not know where to go, I remember I ever took a test from private university. What I know is the course offered document had gone (cause I was not planning to come there actually, just in case), but that document suddenly appeared and I came into International Relations’ world. A total different world from what I pursued all the 12 years before (doctor). But okay, I am not gonna run away, I am in.

3 years (acceleration course) in this university changed lots of things in my life. I came to know Jesus personally here. I came to walk according to what Jesus wants. I came to fluently speak in English. I grew more mature in Christ’s community which than affected my way of thinking, of perceiving, of communicating (I was not even able to stand bravely in front of masses), of responding others and many more. I came to have such an open-minded response over all things which I am so sure I couldn’t get it if I am in the ‘doctor’s way’ (there are particular reasons). I am thankful of this changing (which at first I couldn’t accept).

After graduating, I thought I was gonna prepare myself to get job in Ministry of Foreign Affairs (you know, as ambassador/diplomat in the future), but life didn’t go easy. That year, the government did not open application for new staff. I have to wait (don’t know till when). So, I tried to open chance to myself having master study abroad. Briefly, I chose Netherlands as my target. I got my Netherlands course to learn their language for 9 months. I did my preparation for all things. I was so sure I could get accepted but not. I was rejected. Again, this way was changed.

I asked God’s forgiveness and surrender my plan towards His plan. He brought me to Australia with scholarship. This is beyond what I asked for a year before (tho it is also different from before). Joyful beyond imagination.

Now, I live my life here in this country. Busy myself with God’s vision and commands, with my current church, House of Blessing Perth, with my master’s study, with my new dream.

Then, do I need to stop dreaming and walk without planning? Of course not. I still have to set my plan and dream and future with an understanding that what God decide is all the best.


So I wonder, what’s next change in life? 

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